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Alphabetical Catolog Listing: Plants Beginning with 'I'

Alphabetical Catalog Listing

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Iberis sempervirens 'Alexander's White' (Evergreen Candytuft)

Iberis sempervirens 'Snowflake' (Snowflake Candytuft)

Iris 'Beverly Sills' (Pink Iris)

Iris 'Breakers' (Blue Bearded Iris)

Iris 'Cable Car' (Honey Brown Bearded Iris)

Iris 'Dusky Challenger' (Deep Purple Iris)

Iris 'Frequent Flyer' (White Bearded Iris)

Iris 'Grandma's Purple Flag' (Grandma's Purple Flag Iris)

Iris 'Great Grandmotherís Purple' (Purple Great Grandmotherís Iris)

Iris 'Hemstitched' (Purple Plicata Iris)

Iris 'Mary Frances' (Lavender Bearded Iris)

Iris 'Orange Harvest' (Orange Bearded Iris)

Iris 'Rosalie Figge' (Frequent Violet Reblooming Iris)

Iris 'Summer Olympics' (Yellow Reblooming Iris)

Iris 'Victoria Falls' (Blue Bearded Iris)

Iris 'World Premier' (Purple & White Bearded Iris)

Iris douglasiana (Douglas Iris)

Iris douglasiana 'Canyon Snow' (Canyon Snow Pacific Iris)

Iris foetidissima (Gladwin Iris)

Iris Pacific Coast Native 'Purple' (Purple Pacific Coast Iris)

Iris Pacific Coast Native 'Yellow' (Yellow Pacific Iris)

Iris Pacific Coast Native Lavender (Lavender Pacific Coast Iris)

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